need boot option to switch of bbswitch in grub for nvidia optimus /bumblebee

*I returned my Ryzen 7 Vega notebook, because of the 2G RAM reserved for graphics and the missing video output on USB-s. Otherwise It was running superbly, except I coudlnt figure out to get 4K 60HZ.

So I took a notebook with a bigger headache but, enough monitor outputs. 2x USB-c , 1x HDMI, 1 mini DP.

First it came with a damage SSD. Which costs me in my slowness hours of failed installation to recognize.

With a fresh SSD

This has a optimus configuration. Kubuntu installs and runs flawless. Just check the box for propriatry driver and done.

For OpenSUSE,
I installed nvidia drivers, installed suse-prime, activated bbswitch, logged out and it was working.
Tthen I did the updates and after rebooting. the system freezes after bbswitch.

How does noveau work or actually the Intel driver
It is missing Xinerama.

I can move the mouse to the second screen but, the output is not displayed except for the mouse pointer…

on the data sheet it says HDMI 2.0 but I only get 4k 60HZ y y y y *

**I am looking for a grub option to deactivate bbswitch on boot. But google does not like my seach for:

“opensuse boot option “bbswitch” off grub parameter”
Someone an idea?

I am not sure if it would work exactly but can you try the option “nomodeset”? This should force nouveau and nvidia not to load on boot but I am not sure if that would apply even when bbswitch is trying to force dGPU usage.

What do you mean by “deactivate bbswitch on boot”? What do you want to achieve?

On systems with NVIDIA-Optimus suse-prime can be used to switch between the intel and the NVIDIA graphics card. Depending on your NVIDIA card suse-prime can

  • make use of the NVIDIA’s PRIME Render Offload feature.
  • use bbswitch
    to switch of the NVIDIA graphics card completely in order to save battery power when only the intel graphics card is in use OR can - use NVIDIAs power off support

So depending on your NVIDIA card you probably don’t need bbswitch at all. See here for more information.



From that link:

In its highest configuration level, the XMG PRO 17 is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER. This provides more than enough power to guarantee outstanding frame rates even for 4K and virtual reality gaming. Innovative features such as real-time ray tracing and the AI-based DLSS take graphics to a new level. A MUX switch allows the display connection in the BIOS to be switched between the dedicated GeForce graphics card and the processor’s iGPU, bypassing NVIDIA’s power-saving Optimus technology if necessary.

Using that MUX switch to switch between the two graphics cards might produce better results than suse-prime and (i guess) would render bbswitch obsolete as well.



I detached the HDMI cable as it didn’t give me 4k@60Hz and bought a new DP cable and with the DP cable attached OpenSUSE starts again. strange.
I did deactivate Optimus configurartion to start Kubuntu. (Energy saving is a joke with this notebook. You can deplete the battery within 60 minutes. )

So erverything works finde now.