Need better Photo Album

I probably have close to 100 gb of photos and other images stored on CD/DVD. I would like to create an album with thumbnails and metadata for each of the images on these discs with a link to the original image on the disc. F-Spot almost does this but not quite and it is very time consuming to tag each image (there are thousands).

Is there an image organizer with more features than F-Spot for the GNOME desktop?

Can someone point me in the right direction?



I’ve heard very good things about picasa, but I’ve not used it myself.
F-Spot is quite sufficient for my needs. You might wanna check it out

Niclas Ekstedt, CNA/CNE/CNS/CLS
Systems Engineer
Atea Sverige AB

Digikam is a KDE-app, but it should run in Gnome as well.