Need assistance partitioning (multiboot)


I am in the process of installing OpenSuse on a Laptop currently running w7, w8.1, Kali and LXLE Linux.

I have 2 physical hard drives (sda, sdb). Windows 7 currently occupies 100% of sda. Sdb is currently divided into 3 partitions(2 primary , 1 extended + unallocated space)

Sdb1 = w8.1
Sdb2 = system-wide storage (shared by all OSs.)
Sdb3= extended partition
–sdb5 = LXLE Linux /
–sdb6 = swap (shared by LXLE and Kali)
–sdb7= Kali Linux /

As you can tell, I’m trying to get OpenSuse installed on another partition / (no swap, no home) by using the unallocated space.

I am not sure how to go about instructing the installer to create a partition using the unallocated space ~50gb and install there.

Kali and LXLE gave that option, but I do not see it here.

Here is a screenpic:

Thanks in advance!

click configure, click rescan drive, click advanced partitioning, click on the empty space (or create new partition) click format, in the right side of the format window select to mount that partition as root /

ps. doing this from memory so do some option exploring