Need application to replace Windows Media Player

I need to edit .avi files. Sometime I post videos to the web, however within Linux this has been a challenge.
I need something like Windows Movie Maker so I can completely leave Windows alone when I’m at home.

My goal is to do everything the Linux way.
So far I’m able to do the following:

  • Surf the net via Firefox and Opera
  • Burn & Create iso’s, DVD’s and CD’s, can also play most all codecs.
  • Use OpenOffice
  • Archive and compress via the CLI
  • Connect to Wireless networks with ease and security
  • Earned Linux+ Cert

The only thing left is to be able to edit videos. What application are you all using?

You don’t say if you are using Gnome or KDE. I use KDE, and there are a couple that fit nicely with it.

Check out KINO and/or KDENLIVE. Both are simple to use. Something live Movie Maker (I think, I don’t use Movie Maker). They are both in the repositories. Subscribe to the packman repo, if you have not already. They are both in that one.

Check this site out

It has a lot of software to try out.

This site recommends any of these Cinelerra, KDenlive, LiVES, Kino, AviDemux

Good Luck,


My signature states gnome 2.24.1, however I’d be willing to switch to KDE if I needed it for video editing software. I like Gnome the best right now, then Xfce. KDE4 is okay.

It is no problem to run Gnome oriented apllications under LDE and vv.