Need alternative software


I am new to linux and need alternative software for the following…

  1. MediaMonkey
    (Indexes audio files, can edit tags, plays them, has equalizer, can convert audio files from one form to another, syncs with PMPs (including iPods))

  2. Nero Burning Rom
    I know about K3B but are there any other good ones instead?

  3. Irfan View
    (Can view images, audio and video files, do basic editing, can resize images)

  4. uTorrent

  5. Internet Download Manager
    (can directly download streaming content form a website, boosts download speed, has a scheduler, grabs the downloads from popular browsers like firefox)

I’ll keep adding more softwares as I remember… Waiting for replies…

Whats wrong with k3b?
Which desktop environment are you using?

utorrent → ktorrent
Internet Download Manager → kget (or different plugins for FF)

1 Have you looked at Banshee? Most conversion is done using mplayer either directly or indirectly.

2 K3b is generally reckoned to be the best.

  1. Gwenview or ImageMagick for static files; audacity for audio, Kdenlive for video

5 You will find aria2 is the backend used on openSUSE by many frontends.

arunthegr8 wrote:

> Waiting for replies…

no waiting required:


Please keep in mind that I use KDE, so my suggestions are based off of KDE. Really, if you want relevant suggestions you should tell us which DE you’re using (Gnome, KDE, Xfce, etc).

  1. Amarok does most, if not all of what you need, iirc.
  2. K3B is generally regarded as the best burning software for Linux. If you’re willing to put some money down, though, Nero does have a Linux version of their software. I know it lacks some features of the Windows version, but reviews I’ve read of the software generally say it’s pretty good.
  3. Not so sure about audio and video files, but Gwenview allows for some extremely basic image editing. Gimp is a photoshop replacement, so if Gwenview doesn’t work you always have that to fall back on.
  4. Ktorrent - I have yet to find a feature that uTorrent has that Ktorrent lacks.
  5. Kget is a good download manager, but I’m not sure about downloading audio streams. VLC lets you do this I think, so if you’re willing to shuffle your requirements around a little, you could use kget and vlc both.

Please keep in mind that Linux!=Windows. Linux is its own system, with its own programs, and its own way of doing things. Instead of trying to force any kind of Linux into working exactly like Windows, try to alter your requirements and find a Linux way of doing all the things you’re used to. For example, you may not be able to find one program that does all of the things you require, but instead you may have to use several. If this is ok for you, and you can find a way to make it work, then you should be fine.

srschifano wrote:
> Please keep in mind that Linux!=Windows.

true words!
more like that at:


I prefer to use GNOME DE…

Another thing is that though I do like K3B, i have had problems with it in the past like the verification process does not start even after enabling it…
Once I burned a single file of size more than 4 GB and I couldn’t read the dvd in windows…

Guess you burnt an ISO straight to disk as a file. Windows does not know how to handle that.

Everything the OP wants is possible. Without ever having to pay for anything again…:wink: Just put some time in discovering how it all works, and you’ll be happy.

No… I burnt a 4.37 GB rar file as I had to break a very big file to fit the dvds…

I do understand that and don’t expect it to be so. I am willing to do switch to different software and if you guys know any specific software which does any of them individually, please suggest me… (like if there is a specific software which is good for audio compression, etc)

  1. Amarok - QT(KDE); Banshee, Rhythmbox - GTK(Gnome)
  2. K3b, Brasero. I know there is linux version of Nero but i’ve never used it so i don’t know how good/bad it is.
  3. The programs installed from the DVD/CD are nice enough.
  4. If you like Gnome and uTorrrent then you must try Deluge. It’s almost the same. Other torrent clients are Transmission, Ktorrent, Monsoon.
  5. I’ve never used one but there are a few you can try out - Kget for example.
  1. uTorrent

Second vote for Deluge, I much prefer it to ktorrent.