need a very close application to macromedia flash

Hello everyone. In my college there is an event about designing a flash game.I am going to organize that event.I want to them to use open source software instead of using MACROMEDIA FLASH or ADOBE FLASH.
The event is to design a flash game like billiards or table tennis(such that there is some physics involved in it) My question is

  1. is there a open source software which is close to above mentioned softwares?
  2. Is the scripting is same as in case of windows(we are designing flash game like billiards or tt involving physics)?
    a lengthy question please be patient…thanking u.)

Have a look at flash4linux: Flash For Linux | Free flash desing tools for GNU/Linux

I think the project is still ‘crude’ but I do not think there is another one…

Their action-scripting link is actually adobe’s ‘dictionary’ so I suppose it could do what you want to.

Good luck.