Need a new ATX PSU

My desktop’s power supply decided to go on an indefinite vacation yesterday. And now I need to find a new one. The old one had a max of 250W. Any good suggestions?

The last two power supplies I have purchased were Thermatake, which have done well so far. Here is a link to one at Best Buy for $50 and 430 watts.

Thermaltake - 430W TR2 ATX Power Supply - W0070RUC

You did not say if this was a clone or name brand as name brand computers may require an exact replacement. The second issue is the main power supply power connector pin number, number of aux power connectors (0,1,2) of the four pin type and Video Card Support. Obviously a 430 will work in place of a 250, but what other options do you need? Most newer PSW will work in older units, but you need to consider any future additions (Like a new Video Card). Many higher power units fit in the same space on the back, but are deeper and extend further into the case, the only real dimension that seems to matter on clone computer cases.

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Hi ns89,
The Tiger Direct/CompUSA group has been a good source for us, if you don’t have a store locally they ship quickly and have a reasonably good choice and price. Be sure to examine your MoBo, do any of the radial capacitors show signs of heat ( shrinkable coating on cap body discolored of split? top of the cap visibly domed from internal heat and pressure?)
If this is the case you may just blowup the new supply if the caps are at borderline leakage / failure threshold.

this link will take you to the 400W page you can sort by price
400 Watt Plus Power Supplies, Uninterruptible Power Supplies at

If youre a careful and paitent person with tech chops you can recap the MoBo but remember MoBo’s are multi layre and can be rendered as junk very easily. Google Digi-Key for “Low ESR capacitors” Nichicon or Panasonic are good mfrs. avoid Chinese caps, they don’t have the QA technology mastered yet.

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I use Ebuyer. They ship same day PC PSU deals - cheap computer Power Supply Units | Ebuyer.comb heres the link