Need a little install help

Dl’d 11.3 and getting ready to install. From reading upgrade installs are more problematic than fresh installs, sometimes much more so?

Doing a clean install of suse reformatting root but keeping home is not all that difficult compared to some other os’s, but the one nagging problem is reinstalling all those little apps one has acquired to make things run better, such as lmsensors, gkrellm, disk analyzers, games, etc. I believe I read somewhere you can build your own repository; can someone point me to the info on this? Alternatively, is there another way to do what I want to do. I do have plenty of disk space to copy both root and home to.

And con someone recommend an advanced backup program for use with suse 11.2/11.3?

I always see a new install as a positive thing. Getting rid of any of the old dross we collect, like cleaning out the garage. It is easy enough installing the little utilities other programs I like as I find I need them. :slight_smile: