Need a Ktorrent expert. :-) Regarding proxy/encryption

First thing I need to ask is do I need to open any ports on susefirewall2(UDP-TCP)? I’m using socks / ver 5/ port 5050. If I enable bittorrent encryption, nothing ever downloads. If I only use the socks proxy, it works fine. Any special way to set up the encryption besides just checking off the box?


I wouldn’t consider myself a KTorrent expert,
Have you enabled ports in your FW for the standard incoming and DHT?

Ktorrent > Settings > Configure Ktorrent
> Network > Port:
> Use DHT > UDP Port

To get a hint where you are being blocked, view your lists for Peers
(If your peer list isn’t as long as expected, then something may be preventing peer connections)
(if peer list is long but still no connections then connections may be blocked)

Also, look at your tabs, particularly
trackers (no trackers means you’re relying only on DHT and Peer)

Do you <know> your proxy firewall supports encrypted bittorent protocol?
If your proxy firewall supports pass-through, consider that configuration for the bittorrent protocol.