Need a help configure firefox

Good day!

I need a help to configuration firefox. I have installed last plugin Adobe flash
and now browser not playing flash video. I wanted to return last plugin and remove plugin, then i saw that plugin in item of menu of settings. And now i want to know where firefox save itself setting include plugins and other extensions .

Thanks for help. And sorry for my English skill.


How did You install the plugin ?

The configuration of firefox is stored in your homedirectory in the .mozilla directory.

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Can you tell us what arch you are running : 32 bits or 64 bits ? Wich version of the plug-in you installed ?

IfI recall, the plug-ins are in this folder for 32 bits :

/usr/lib/browser-plugins /mozilla/plugins

And for 64 bits :

/usr/lib64/browser-plugins /mozilla/plugins

If you installed the Plugin through a Firefox update, you should remove it the same way from within Firefox > Tools > Addons

Manually removing the plugin outside the Firefox app will likely cause you more problems than you’re trying to solve, probably then requiring a complete Firefox uninstall, maybe purge, then re-install.

Before you do too much, you might browse a number of other Forum threads on Flash, I and others have noted that Adobe’s Flash plugin has not and does not work particularly well on Linux. Personally, I’ve found that playing a single and simple Flash stream usually works fine, but any more advance Flash scripts will cause lockups sometimes application crashes. If that’s what you’re seeing, all I can suggest is that the workaround I’m working with is not to view in Full Screen and re-load the page whenever possible to play a successive Flash stream.


Thanks everybody for your suggeses.

I resolved this problem. On moment when problem was finded I had 64 bit system with pligin 10.1 then i installed plugin alfa 10.3 and my browser crashed. System gave message Error. Then i remove plugin from yast and delete plugin’s file from all folders that we recomended. But when i opened browser and then opened item of menu “Settings”. I have saw plugin 10.3. I was looking for information about settins of Firefox when i found that Firefox save information about plugins in file pluginreg.dat. I deleted record about plugin 10.3 and then installed from yast plugin 10.2. And then my problem disapper.

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