Nedd help removing suse linux professional 9.2

ok here my problem i have two hard drives one has xp the other has suse i want to remove suse but i havent had anny luck when i am in windows it only shows my one hard drive so i cant just format the other one i have looked on the web with some luck so i need help i dont mind haveing it but i would like it gone so i can use the other drive for other things anny help would be great thanks

What do you use as a boot manager? If you use grub or lilo, then you should first restore the MBR (master boot record) such that it only see’s your Windows XP. ie such that when you boot you do not run grub nor lilo, but rather boot direct to winXP.

Once you have done that, you can reformat the second drive at your leisure. I recommend a free opensouce bootable live CD such as gparted or parted-magic:
gparted: GParted – Welcome
parted-magic: PartedMagic - Main - Parted Magic
simply download the .iso file for one of those two live CDs. Burn them to a CD as an image file (that is IMPORTANT !! ). Burn as an image file, not as an iso. Then simply boot to the liveCD, and reformat your suse-9.2 as fat32 or ntfs or what ever file format you wish.

I’m surprised you can’t find this on the web. This sort of information is in many dozens of places.

i am not shure what my boot manger is and i have to clue how to burn thoes files to a cd as a image

This isn’t a Linux issue. If you do a search on “windows xp restore mbr” you will find dozens of tips on how to do this, ranging from fixmbr in the recovery console, fdisk /mbr in a DOS window, and even a set of downloadable utilities. I suspect the Universal Boot CD (search for ubcd) will have a utility to do this. Once you have the system booting only XP, then you can reformat the second disk as you wish in Windows.

Sorry, can’t give you any recommendations, the last time I did something like this was fixing up a W2K machine IIRC. Since then have avoided doing this kind of thing by referring the work to lab techs who do this kind of thing on a regular basis.

If you can still boot SuSE-9.2, you should be able to run YaST and figure that out.

If you have k3b running on your SuSE-9.2, you can burn the CD as an image file BEFORE you wipe SUSE-9.2 off of the drive. Alternatively you can burn the CD as an image file with an MS-Windows program, … but if you want MS-Windows application support, you need to find an MS-Windows forum or fellow user who can explain to you how to do that in MS-Windows. … and that should not be too difficult given MS-Windows does have an operating system monopoly.