Ndiswrapper WMP300N Problems...

Strange problem with ndiswrapper, I had succesfully installed my Linksys WMP300N with ndiswrapper, suprisingly the wireless N and everything else worked flawlessy for months. But now, I am unable to connect to my wireless N router, but am able to connect to my neighbor’s wireless G router. Whenever I try to connect to my wireless N router and KNetworkManager almost finishes my computer stops responding??? I have no idea what is going wrong and I don’t think I have changed anything with ndiswrapper or my wireless card. I have already checked the configuration of my network and it seems to be connected properly because the rest of my family, who run windows, are able to connect. Any ideas on where to begin debugging this error? I don’t know what to do.

For now my neighbors are letting be borrow their internet connection.

Thanks, John
for some reason depmod -a fixed it ??? anyone know why? Did I have a module dependency error?