ndiswrapper secured network problem (openSUSE 11.1)

I’m having difficulties connecting to a secure network with a RaLink rt65 wireless card, using a driver converted with ndiswrapper. It used to work a few days ago, but I made some changes:
-installed hamachi(a technology somewhat like VPN)
-disabled the firewall(at first it connected to my network in seconds)
-rebooted… and now it won’t connect at all.
Right now I’m on the neighbor’s open network, but even that barely connects (once in every 15 attempts). It’s very slow, it takes 10 seconds to load a page.
Can anyone help?
p.s. does anyone know a terminal command for connecting to a network? Maybe the output would give me some clues.

Ha, now it’s working. I guess my computer was in a bad mood :slight_smile: