Ndiswrapper Problems

Hi, I just installed openSUSE and then dlled the ndiswrapper package (through the built in software updater, not directly from ndiswrappers website).

  1. The drivers windows xp uses are not .inf, they are .sys and .bin. There are .inf files included, but windows xp doesn appear to use them

2.When I experimented with the other driver openSUSE took forever to boot and was really laggy, mouse jumpy, system unresponsive, etc. Even if I left it would not resolve whatever was happening. So I remove ndiswrapper driver, and everything works fine.


CPU: Intel P4 HT 2.8GHZ Prescott LGA775

Mobo: Fujitsu Siemens P5SD2-FM microATX

RAM: 1.25GB DDR2 RAM (PC5300)


Thx in advance!