Nautilus will not work some time after system is started.


i have problem with nautilus in openSuse 13.2 which i already had in exact the same behaviour in 13.1. When system is started and logged into desktop (Gnome) i can start nautilus and do some tasks, about maybe 30 - 60 seconds, then it freezes a long time, very long, maybe 5 minutes or more. Can’t open new windows etc. But after a time it comes back, all windows which were launched with shortcuts or by menu during the freeze come up at once, suddenly. I have no clue how to find the problem why it hangs so long time. So please give me all ideas you have to solve this.

Btw, i installed Thunar after i was really annoyed about this problem and its working fine while nautlis hangs after the start.
And it only happens after booting the system, when the freezetime is over, the system works fine and there are no more freezes at all.

Thank you in advance for taking time helping me,


I deleted nautilus config in /home/user/.config/nautilus but this does not help.

Yesterday it has not worked for 2 hours. This sucks like hell, i always have to switch to Thunar. Has anybody an idea what i can do about it or where i can find a logfile or anything which can help to determine what exactly the problem is.