Nautilus too many volumes

I currently have three HD’s installed. A single HD with openSUSE and Windows 7, and a raid 1 conf with two drives.

This is my fstab:

/dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDT721010SLA360_STF604-part1 swap                 swap       defaults              0 0
/dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDT721010SLA360_STF604-part2 /                    ext4       acl,user_xattr        1 1
/dev/mapper/isw_ddjhjf_Volume0_part1 /home                ext4       acl,user_xattr        1 2
/dev/disk/by-id/raid-isw_ddjhjf_Volume0-part2 /srv/Squirrel        ntfs-3g    user,users,gid=users,fmask=022,dmask=133,locale=en_CA.UTF-8 0 0
/dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDT721010SLA360_STF604MH0LZM5B-part4 /srv/Vulner          ntfs-3g    user,users,gid=users,fmask=133,dmask=022,locale=en_CA.UTF-8 0 0
proc                 /proc                proc       defaults              0 0
sysfs                /sys                 sysfs      noauto                0 0
debugfs              /sys/kernel/debug    debugfs    noauto                0 0
usbfs                /proc/bus/usb        usbfs      noauto                0 0
devpts               /dev/pts             devpts     mode=0620,gid=5       0 0

In my nautilus I have the following:

File System
107 GB Filesystem
System Reserved
107 GB Filesystem

As you can see I have “107 GB Filesystem” and “Squirrel” twice on there when I don’t want any at all.

I tried this solution (Too Many Partitions Showing in Nautilus and Disk Mounter), but it doesn’t seem to work. I have changed the values to fit my /dev/sd*

It’s just really annoying having so many useless volumes in my nautilus.

I went to gconf-editor and unchecked:

I don’t know how that was supposed to solve the problem, because it didn’t.

i saw your post yesterday and passed on the chance to get involved for
several reasons–prime one being i have zero experience with trying to
make alien file/operating systems work nicely with Linux…

that said, i may have found some potential answers for you in these:
man mount

those are based on the assumption that the problem is not the
application Nautilus, but rather a setup problem in fstab…

the owner of the second cite in that list is one of the moderators
here–if you continue to have problems after doing the reading and
trying needed to make certain your fstab entries are perfect you
might want to PM him and ask him to get involved…

if, on the other hand it is not a fstab/mount problem, perhaps it is a
known bug in Nautilus…you might check bugzilla…

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