Nautilus search and rows in Nautilus

I’ve 2 questions about Nautilus.

1] When I’m using the searchtool in Nautilus, Nautilus search in files en folders. But can Nautilus search for folders?
I try to find the folder were the games installed with wine are, but I can’t find that folder.

2] Can I Nautilus divide in rows so I can drag files and folders in an other folder easilly? Like Dolphin?

Have a look at the Nautilus help book (click Help → Contents in Nautilus) and read the chapter titled Searching for Files 6.5. That will give more details on what is available.

In particular, if you can’t find the games folder, search for a game and then Right-click → select Properties and you’ll see the path which will show the folder.

About two panels for drag and drop: I can’t get it to do that. I use Ctrl-t for tabs and cut/paste or copy/paste depending what I want. I also use and Ctrl-n for windows and drag/drop.

An extra thought: Have you tried Beagle, the super search tool? GoTo the “More Applications” menu and for Beagle look at “System → Search” and for the Beagle search settings look at “System → Search Settings”.

I’ve downloaded Krusader, a File Manager like Total Commander with 2 panels and a good searchtool;) I found the folders I was looking for.