Nautilus question

Hi all,

I have switched from Fedora ( 10 ) to Opensuse ( 11 ) recently and
using Nautilus under gnome have found it doesn’t have the button on the
right and top that allows to switch from Icon View to List view, and
additionally zoom in and zoom out.


Does anybody know if it’s possible to add it to the distributed
Nautilus or should be recompiled ?

Many thanks



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Ya, this’s a real thing which i noticed before joining this community
but forgot to report after joining. I also want the solution.


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The keyboard shortcuts are <Ctrl>+ 1 ,2 or 3

Don’t know if there is a quick fir for this though.
Might be good to munge the email address?


Have allot of fun! WJM

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OH C**p!!

Can a mod please munge that address I posted, pretty please :slight_smile:

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