Nautilus nto working on fresh install

Nothing happens when clicking on the application icon.

If opening a terminal and typing “nautilus”

I see:

user@localhost:~> nautilus
nautilus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I downloaded a new offline image of tumbleweed last night, and during the installation process clicked “yes” when it asked me to activate online repos. I chose Gnome desktop environment. I have full disk encryption enabled. Using btrfs with snapshots enabled. This machine was previously running tumbleweed without issue (very recently).

Seems like maybe existing systems are fine but new installs are broken?

@Metzli is libvulkan1 installed? If not install that…

That was it (sort of).

No provider of 'libvulklan' found.

But after installing libvulkan1 it is working.

How is this making it past QA? Seems like OpenSUSE doesn’t care about Gnome users :frowning:

@Metzli I’m a gnome user… :wink: My TW install is old… worth a bug report for sure. openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE Wiki

That site is a hot mess.

Clicking create an account at takes you to, and after creating an account you’re basically at a dead end. The two sites do not appear to be linked in any way.

@Metzli your Bugzilla login is the same as the Forum login likewise for the rest of the openSUSE Infrastructure.

OpenSuse forum credentials did not work, which is why I clicked the create account link.

@Metzli then I would raise a progress ticket, send an email to admin{at}opensuse{dot}org indicating your login is not working.

I’m pretty sure that they know about the problem. There’s an open bug report on bugzilla login problems.

This happens every now and then to me, usually clearing cookies fixes it.

That is not what you were told to install.

yes, looks like i misread