Nautilus Not Working

After the latest 13.2 update Nautilus won’t launch - neither from the Activities Launch bar, nor from the Docky launcher.

Anyone got any ideas?

SOLVED: Disable “Desktop Icons” in Tweak Tool.

I believe there is another workaround as well.

Nautilus is already running at login, so you can end the process using the system monitor and Nautilus works thereafter as usual.


I can confirm that both work arounds work:

  1. Disabling desktop icons
  2. Killing the Nautilus process on startup

But both are not permanent fixes.
Should this bug be reported to Gnome, Nautilus or OpenSuse?


This problem is known already for some time:

An update is on its way, and has been released just now apparently. I just got a notification for a nautilus update.
So update your system and the problem should be fixed.