Nautilus file transfer dialog stays on top and can not be minimized.

Hi all!
I’m using opensuse 42.1 with GNOME 3.16.

When i copy or move files with nautilus the file transfer dialog stays on top of the nautilus window and can not be minimized.
This is really annoying!
I’ve searched the net for a solution, but i can’t find any discussion about this.
With GNOME 3.14 you could minimize it, and with GNOME 3.18 and 3.20 the file transfer dialog is nicely intergrated in the top bar of nautilus.

This is the one thing that made me disapointed when i saw that opensuse 42.1 did not came with GNOME 3.18!

Now i could use repositories with later versions of GNOME, but i don’t want to update hundreds of packages every week.
I want to stick with opensuse leap default software as much as possible.

So does anyone know how to get the file transfer dialog in GNOME 3.16 to minimize?

This so anoying that i’m trying KDE now :
But i’m loosing my patience with KDE, so i want to go back to stable,looking good, everything just works, GNOME.

Right click and minimize, or use the tweak tool → windows to either add as a mouse-click or add the minimize button back to the bar…

Not possible.
I know about the tweak tool being able to add maximize and minimize buttons to the windows, and about the right click way to minimize.
But this cannot be done with the file transfer dialog.