nautilus elementary?

How to install nautilus elementary in openSUSE 11.3 Gnome?

first i ever heard of it ( after some googling )
A striped down version of Nautilus because " Nautilus is overwhelmingly complicated" ???
I never thought of is as anywhere near complicated

from my experience Nautilus is one of the LEAST complicated and most strait forward and easy to use file managers .

What about Midnight Commander? :wink:

MC is nice for the "commander " ui’s
but in relation to KDE or xfce or e17

now i could see nautilus elementary on a hand held tablet to reduce the ram overhead .IF there is much of a difference

but back to the OP’s question
the first thing might be to instal the Gnome desktop ( KDE is the default )
then replace nautilus

The developer stopped maintaining it.
nautilus-elementary - moment of truths | rant - ammonkey’s posterous

I saw something like that