nautilus eats memory?

Hello, everybody.

After 16 days uptime I can sees nautilus eating almost 700 Mb of virtual memory:
roman@romanv:~> ps aux|grep nauti[l]us
roman 4676 0.0 2.1 708220 86052 ? S Jul28 13:19 nautilus --no-desktop --browser

Is that normal? Yes, I know that virtual memory is not real and nautilus maps icons and other stuff. But aren’t it too much for icons? Doing this way it can exhaust 32-bit virtual memory pool.
Also, I think it may leak because the virtual memory size increases slowly. Is there any way to assure it does not leak?
OpenSUSE 11.1, GNOME nautilus 2.24.1, 32-bit, 4Gb of RAM.
Sorry, if my question is lame.