Nautilus "Backs out" of NFS (autofs) Network Share

This problem is kinda hard to describe but I’ll do my best. When I am in my NFS (autofs) network share with Nautilus, Nautilus will “back out” a directory level every couple of seconds by itself. Almost like I am pressing the back button or alt+up-arrow, but I’m not. It does it even when that window is not active or I am working in another application. It just backs out, step by step, until it’s totally out of the share!

I have a KDE account on this computer as well and this does NOT happen in KDE with the same network share. Only Nautilus in Gnome and it’s quite annoying!

I have connected the computer to the share over wifi and cat5 (through an Asus RT66U gigabit router) and it does the same thing.

I hope I explained it well enough.

Any ideas?

Here’s a crappy vid of what happens:

I did NOT press any buttons on the computer during the vid. It did that on its own.


I suggest you file a bug report.

Not a nautilus user, but I guess you could try starting nautilus from a terminal. Maybe it will show some output pertaining to this.

I have a smb:// share on my router and that’s fine

But out of interest, I also have ssh on my main box
sftp or fish work from a kde client in konqueror or dolphin
but gnome’s nautilus errors out

Funny thing is: I have a password to access ssh and nautilus asks for that. And, the same gnome machine can ssh from the terminal OK

Just FYi and interest


I’ve never filed a bug report before, but would be happy to do so. Can you guide me to the correct procedure?

Here’s a guide to get you started