Native Support for Multimedia

I believe there should be native support for multimedia on OpenSUSE. Sometimes I get mp3 or mp4 files that have audio descriptions and/or instructions and would like to play them. On OpenSUSE 13.1 x64 I tried downloading the “missing” gstreamer plugin, which was not identified, and it didn’t work. I then downloaded and installed all of the gstreamer plugins available from the repository and still none of the files played.

So there could be better native support for multimedia and if a plugin is missing, to identify it would be lovely as well.

There can’t be for legal reasons

This guide may be useful too

as already mentioned, this can not be done for legal reasons. . .
Which is why there is a sticky at the very top of the Multimedia section in these forums that explains how to get full multimedia support in 1-click (avoiding what you did going through the repos looking for the correct plugin to get mp3s working).

Thank you. As you can probably tell, I am quite new to OpenSUSE. Thank you for the informative and quick response.

I guessed this to be the case. Linux learning never stops. :slight_smile:

Yeah there are a few things openSUSE cannot do by default.
But to be honest windows cannot do this by default either, the only reason why it seems so is because windows is usually pre installed by the manufacturer and that manufacturer usually loads codecs into the default setup.
openSUSE doesnt have this luxury.
In any case do also install vlc and vlc-codecs as this too helps playback as does installing umplayer