NAT going out on other than default IP

How to achieve such functionality:
I have some server based on openSuSE 11.0 which have services as HTTP and FTP but also working as firewall-gateway.
The default IP for this server is: and with such IP working HTTP, FTP and Masqueraded computers in local area network.
I did another alias in interface with IP: and I want to change address for Masquerading computer to this IP. How I can do this with SuSEfirewall? What and where add to it’s configuration?


I think changing the default IP to and add as an extra IP address should do the trick.

In that way for the outside world your inside hosts would identify themselves as (or more likely the second NAT device behind it since 10.0.x.x is also a private range) and services as HTTP en FTP will be available on

SuSEFirewall config works based on interfaces not on actual IP addresses, but you might have to run SuSEconfig to make sure it knows which IP addresses or on which interface.

Personally I couldn’t find of a reason to do this, so maybe I didn’t quit understand your question :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question. Why do you think you need an extra IP address for masquerading? It doesn’t hurt to add an alias IP but you can use the original IP address for services and also as a gateway IP. From the outside, the inside IP addresses are not visible anyway, the outside world sees the external IP address.