NAS,NX, LDAP & Permissions

OK another teaser I think! I’m currently trying to get remote users to authenticate against an LDAP (OpenLDAP) using remote NX connections. From my last post I finally got this to work but only with KDE as Gnome crashes. The next step was to move the users home directories off of the local machines and onto a NAS ( Synology 1010+).

Heres whats happening:

When a new user authenticates on a machine and the home is on the local disk all of the necessary NX files are successfully created in the local home directory which has the correct permissions.

If I mount the Synology shared folder (cifs) and try the same the users home folder is created and the NX file creation fails. Examining the permissions of the new dir it appears to have been created using a user equivalent to the LDAP user ID and the permissions are extremely restricted such that the NX user has no rights to create the necessary files or structure hence the failure.

Does anyone have any Idea of how to get the automatic user home dir creation by the LDAP client have the correct permissions on the share to allow NX to create it’s support files/structure?