Naming conventions

I was reading “Good project- and archive- naming practice”](, and the use of major.minor.patch numbering.

I often see additional numbers after the patch, for example only, “gimp-2.4.6-1.3.i586.rpm”. Sometimes those numbers after the patch ("-1.3") are the only thing that is different in multiple entries in the search results. I know what the “gimp-2.4.6” means. I know what the “i586.rpm” means, but what does the “-1.3” mean? If it isn’t a new release, a minor update or a patch, what is it?

When looking at SuSE repositories, what is the significance of a directory with and without a colon, like MONO/ and MONO:/, PRINTING/ and PRINTING:/ or SUSE:/, etc?

Thank you.

AFAIK the last of the numbering are for minor fixes and patches.

I don’t know about the colons in the naming of the repos. So far I wondered, but have regarded it as some kind of puzzle, of which, one day, I will find the logic behind ;).

First number meens change in source – new patch, changes in spec-file, etc. Second number meens build. Every change of first number resets second number to 1.

Directories without colons are projects in OBS. In directories with colons are their subprojects.