Hello Suse experts!

I am putting together a Nagios proof-of-concept for my company, and for the sake of speed, I am using the .rpms in the repo. I have some concerns.

  1. Is it me, or is it wrong to have the plugins folder owned by root? Should not the Nagios folders be owned by the Nagios user?

  2. Is there a configuration GUI that actually works under Suse?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We use nagios at the comapny I work for (for monitoring our wireless network), though I’m not involved in its deployment or operation, just the monitoring via web. Do you have the nagios-www installed? You’ll need to apache running as well.

A few of how to’s I found:

openSUSE Quickstart

LinuxEd Stuff » Blog Archive » How to: Install Nagios on OpenSuse 11.1

Oh yes. I have the www package installed. It appears to work with a few permissions tweaks, but as I look at installing more optional plugins, it looks like the folder permissions and ownership doesn’t jive with what you would get if you compiled from source. Everything I have read implies that the plugins should be owned by nagios, not root.

I’ve been banging on Nagios and Icinga for the last 3 weeks.
Everything I’ve read suggests that /usr/local/nagios/* should be owned by nagios:nagios

GUI? I wish! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

Why should it matter that the plugins are owned by root? As long as Nagios can find and execute them. They’re just Perl scripts. These permission issues can be analysed from first principles instead of relying on voodoo or we’ve always done it this way.

There is one directory containing a named pipe that should be have permissions for the web account. You will find out if the permissions are wrong when you try to enable external commands.