Nagios remote monitoring network diveces

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I work for an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and support 3000+ machines via Kaseya. While Kaseya is a great tool, there’s not much for customization.

I’ve been setting up a Nagios box for monitoring our linux PC’s and even some Windows servers – working like a charm

I’ve found that Nagios does a better job at monitoring Network devices as well. Some of my customers I’m able to put a Nagios box on site and this works best, but I can’t convince all to do this.

Problem: need to monitor network topology from outside the network. So far I know I can point snmp traffic to my Nagios box that i’ve exposed to the internet. I can monitor the front end router (the one that is public from their ISP). How do I set up snmp monitoring for network devices pointed at my nagios box?

I’d like to monitor devices and even servers remotely (from my office) without opening up ports in the firewall on customer’s site. I think I can achive this via snmp traffic but I’m all ears for any suggestions, pointers, conf examples etc…

Thanks in advance

Maybe an option is to work with mysql? Let nagios on the customer side write everything to a database, and let your nagios read out all the values? or let the nagios write to a db on your side. You will need the NDO Utils for that. Or a central db where all your nagios-servers have access to. I can’t think of another way, because otherwise you will have to route the snmp packages through the client router, and I don’t think that’s easy for multiple devices behind the router.

I only have experience with my nagios setup here at home which is more for studying and playing.


thanks for the advice. I’ve got a few sites (2 really) that have a nagios box setup, and they all report back to the main one, I’m trying to use snmp to pull data from devices (routers and switches) from behind the network by sending the snmp traffic through the routers to my central Nagios box. I think I may have a solution and I’m looking into it now using snmptrapd serivce (installed with net-snmp). I’m close and testing as we speak a setup that passively listens to snmp traffic and pushes the data into nagios. We’ll see how well it works, I’ll post the info later after I get a pass or fail on this solution.

I think you’re solution is great if the customer would let me put a box on site. The biggest issue is that the customer is all over the place with out any central servers, so I’m pulling data from multiple places and looking at only 1 router, and switch configurations, no servers on site and they’re not willing to pay for a full fledge solution hence us not able to install Nag servers in each location, besides, it’s about 120 sites, and we don’t want to buy boxes for each.

Hey Danrche,

I work for a company that has lots of experience working together with MSP’s. This is a common challenge - together with scalability, which I think will become a problem for you in such a distributed environment.

We have a proven solution for service providers which can help - It is modular based and covers all major platforms, is fantastically customizable and should help speed up your time to billing and increase your MRR.

More than happy to send you over some details and I am sure if you are interested we can get a download for you try it out.

Send me a message with your contact details and I will gladly email some info over to you.



Thanks, send me what you have to

We already have an MSP and PSA solution (kaseya and Autotask) but we’re trying to expand on our monitoring and get more out of it for our customers and our tech’s. I’m interested to see what your company offers as we are always interested to see what else there is out there and stay on top of the Technology curve.

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Puzzled P, We have MANY customers who have customized Kaseya to do Linux monitoring as well as server based stuff. You should not need a box everywhere to do this. Please contact me directly at chad.gniffke(at) and I will put you in touch with someone who can help you. I hate to see you making additional investments when you have everything you need.

I also work for a company with deep integration with many larage MSP’s worldwide. I read about your interest and concern and would like to also make sure we’ve talked with you and shown you our solution. Our company likes to work with you in a partnership type relationship and not just a vendor relationship. We have a proven solution and are rated highly by Gartner and have moved nicely within the quadrant around event correlation. Our solution is highly customizable as well.

Please send me your email and I will send you my contact info.

Our solution is a next generation software that is quicker, faster and more economical.

Look forward to connecting.

More than happy to send you over some details and I am sure if you are interested we can get a download for you try it out.

Send me a message with your contact details and I will gladly email some info over to you.