n52te gamepad driver


I am tiering to use this game pad on my suse 11.1 x64 box and I also found a possible solution.

How To: Nostromo n50/52 Speedpad Installation - Ubuntu Forums

I got stuck by the dependencies. Googleed the ubuntu packages and i cold find thehe packages. Are they the proper one for suse?

libxtst-dev → xorg-x11-libs - Remaining X.Org libraries
g++ → ??? I could not find anything for that ???
libgtk2.0-0 → gtk2 - Library for Creation of Graphical User Interfaces (version 2)
libxml++2.6-dev → libxml+±devel - C++ Interface for XML Files
fluid → fluidsynth - A Real-Time Software Synthesizer that uses Soundfont™
libfltk1.1-dev → fltk - Free C++ GUI Toolkit for the X Window System, OpenGL, and WIN32
libxtst-dev → xorg-x11-libs - Remaining X.Org libraries
libgtk2.0-dev → gtk2-devel - Development environment for the Gtk2 GUI library

And this module: EVDEV… does this exist on suse?

I am sorry. I am a new and basic linux user. Thanks for the replies in advance.

Try searching for the dependency packages in the update, OSS and Non-OSS repositories first. I think most of what you want is already there. If you don’t find them you can search

You can download the RPMs or add their repositories through Yast. Be careful not to install updates you don’t need from them, I usually prefer to download them to a RPM directory.