n00b help, screensaver install


The most important thing…a good screensaver…I’ve finally got all my hardware configured and I’d like to use this screensaver:

It’s basically the electropaint screensaver from SGI.

Could someone please give me the instructions to “install” this screensaver?



As you can see on the site, the screensaver is for MacOS. But…I’ve seen it in KDE, so it must be in one of the screensaver- or artwork-packages. Did a check in software installer, searched for ‘stoner’ with option Files checked and here it is: kdeartwork4-screensaver. So no need to get it from elsewhere.

Good luck

well thanks for the information but you might notice that site has the Windows version as well as Unix so shouldn’t I be able to install the Unix version? it’s a tar.z file…I just don’t know how to “make” it work.

like knurpht said it is in the repos as kdeartwork4-screensaver just install that and you will have that screensaver
just open up software manager search for kdeartwork4-screensaver
and install it whala you have that screensaver piece of cake