Mythtv - OpenSUSE 11 - QT 3.3.8 Problem

I am trying to install MythTv on OpenSUSE 11.

I was following the instructions here.

I realize that the mythtv forum would be the place to ask specific mythtv questions, but I think my problem is specific to opensuse, not mythtv.

The problem:
I’ve got all required packages installed and I’m to the point where I would start mythtv-setup but everytime I try to run it I get a Segmentation Fault.

I’ve checked the messages log and I get the following error:
Aug 25 00:56:48 linux-3yuc kernel: mythtvsetup[4019]: segfault at 2 ip b64e7d56 sp bfbe9c50 error 6 in[b5f4c000+6f6000]

I have both QT 3.3.8 and 4 installed as I have software that requires both versions. (Or at least, that is what Yum is telling me when I try to remove either version.)

Does anyone know what this means and how I might go about fixing it?

Also, I have uninstalled and reinstalled MythTv, Qt3 and Qt4. Nothing helps. And, just for info, I have a WinTV PVR-150 that works perfectly via ivtv, so I don’t think that is related.

Thanks in advance, and let me know if you need more information.

Oh, the other thing is that at one point I did have mythtv working - at least the mythtv-setup application. I was having problems getting it to recognize the database, so I decided to uninstall and reinstall. Now it doesn’t work at all, just gives the Segmentation Fault.