MythTV, Lirc & kernel mceusb on 12.1

To keep this short, I have opensuse12.1 installed on various machines without any significant issues, some running mythtv.

My main mythtv frontend on the family TV had been working OK on 11.4 until several hardware issues meant a complete new build. That system is now based on 12.1 with KDE desktop and limited extra software apart from multimedia, essential tools and myhthtv. All builds are from the repos and I rarely do anything from source.

The problem I presently have is with getting a remote working correctly to comfortably use mythtv. I have had this working OK in the past with earlier versions of openSuSE, and also 11.4. Presently I have basically 2 remotes one is a hauppage mceusb clone, and I have a Logitech Harmony 525 which is setup to manage TV, Amp etc as well as do all the mythtv bits from the hauppage mce.

I am using the latest version of mythtv from packman 0.24.1-6.2, my opensuse 12.1 updated with patches, 3.1.0-1.2-desktop, and I have lirc -0.9.0-1.2.x86_64 installed so drivers are in the kernel.

I have not changed my previously working .lircrc file and lircd.conf was copied from the lircd.conf.devinput

My IR receiver is an FIC eHome unit that came with the hauppage.

The system sees my remote as a keyboard, and if I start irw I only get a couple of arrows working to show anything at all.

Using evtest I see all the scancodes appearing as they should, and necessary protocols are there, the remote uses RC-6

There were suggestions elsewhere in the Forum on Lirc not working in 11.4 and there were comments about adding an additional option in Xorg.conf, similar comments appeared in other mailing lists.

I took this into account and added that to Xorg.conf.d , when I have a look at the Xorg.0.log it shows the FIC eHome transceiver being seen as a “local Keyboard” and that Xorg is "Applying InputClass “evdev keyboard catchall” "

While I do not have any understanding of Udev it appears that the rule ‘10-evdef.conf’ within /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d is possibly part of my remote problem, if not the total cause.

Any suggestions as to how best to resolve this problem?

There appear to be some significant gaps in the more recent material I can find on the web, as to what you do once the remote driver is in the kernel, and whether you continue with using lirc.

I would appreciate any advice here, thanks,


I posted some things that worked for me in the other thread you posted in. Didn’t know if you would see the update, so thought I would point it out to you.


Hope it helps.

Hi elserj,

Thanks for the pointer.

I had just been looking at the other thread.

It is helpful, although I have a couple of questions. I will put those up in the other thread.

Thanks again,

If you are looking at this thread the solution is in the earlier thread referred to: