MythTV - "Could not connect to the master backend server"

Hello all

My problem is with the running of MythTV front-end from a “remote” machine.

My setup is:-

BGRSVR-V - MythTV Backend hosted on Ubuntu 8.10, IP address is
BGRMEDIA01 - MythTV Frontend running on Suse 11.0; IP address is

If I sit at BGRSVR-V, then I can run the front-end and watch Live TV.
If I sit at BGRMEDIA01, then I always get the message:-

“could not connect to the master backend server”

I configured the backend server to use the IP (as opposed to or DNS name BGRSVR-V). I have also gone into mysql and GRANT ALL ON . to ‘mymythuser’@‘’ IDENTIFIED BY (‘password’) … to ensure the remote PC has access to the MySQL server & databases. I have repeated the GRANT statement for all the BGRMEDIA computers (3).

Have I missed something? Why do I get this message on all my clients? Please help, I am going out of my mind with this!!!

Thank you for reading, I hope with your help, to be able to solve this.