MythTV backend setup woes

I’m running a Suse11.0 distro which I would like to use as my MythTV BACKEND; I’ve installed MythTV and dependencies (incl MySQL and Apache for MythWeb) and now trying to follow the Post-install tasks as per the MTV Wiki (User Manual:Initial Installation - MythTV).

I seem to have stumbled at the first block and not sure if I am missing something here or not; the article reads:-

to run MythTV as its own user I created one (so the backend doesnt run as root)
“sudo useradd mythtv”

As I’m installing via SSH logged in as root, I simply typed “useradd mythtv”.

Ok so far but the very next step reads:-

You have to create a file for mythtv for databse connections ~mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt

Problem - Creating a user via Useradd does not give it a home directory. Should I put this into root’s home folder? Or should I switch to the mythtv user and “touch” the file (which I presume would create the necessary sub-folders)?!

I know this is more than likely my error or misunderstanding as I’d guess these docs are referenced many times without problem by other people lol!

Cheers for any assistance!

OK, forgive me, I was being dumb …
This is the correct URL and guide I should have been following → Opensuse 11.x - MythTV

/sigh, I am pleased today will soon be at an end, not only am I unable to read the right guide, but it’s “casual dress” day at work today and I forgot so I’m the only one here with shirt, tie, trousers and shoes - everyone else is in jeans, t-shirts and trainers


Looking at the man page for useradd, if you run the command as

useradd -m mythtv

it should create the home directory for the user account.