Mythtv 0.20.2 Repository?


I am new to OpenSUSE. I am looking for a “quickstart” distribution to use where I don’t need or want gentoo.

OpenSUSE got my attention because of v11 I guess, my hardware is new and so wanted the hardware detection - which has worked pretty well.

This box will be running mythfrontend among other things, but the rest of my frontends and backend are 0.20.2 and are not ready to be upgraded.

I found the Packman repository, but this only has Mythtv 0.21 in it. It appears that it once had earlier versions in it - but unless I am reading it wrong, it only has .21 now.

So I was considering getting a .20.2 rpm from somewhere and manually managing the dependencies and all that - but package management and good repositories are central to a good distro - so this would be reason for me to look elsewhere.

Can anyone give me some pointers about the package management - I must be missing something, because if packman have removed the 0.20.1 packages in favour of the 0.21 versions, then it would be like they are dictating when upgrades should happen rather than “us”.

Are there old versions of the repositories somewhere? Should I be using apt… rug?!



Hi Paul,

I am in similar dilema. I need to go back from 0.21-16 to 0.21-3 as my backend is not compatible with the current version.

Did you manage to find any old repositories of packman packages?