Mysterious updates difference?

There seem to be two kinds of updates. One kind, the normal updates, is being offered through the “online update” function in Yast. The other kind is only offered through the Update section in “Add/Remove Software”.

What is the difference between the two kinds?

In openSUSE 11.1 I tried yesterday to install the updates offered through Add/Remove Software, but some packages mentioned conflict problems, so I didn’t install those. The others I installed without problems.

Any explanation about why there are two kinds of updates, is welcome. I should add that I’m an experienced Linux user and have been using Linux full time (mostly Ubuntu, but increasingly openSUSE as well) for years.

Greeting, Pjotr.

I think I’ve found the solution: the second kind of updates is the packages that are still in the testing phase.

Prelease quality, mostly still full of bugs. Better not install them if you want a stable system…