Mysterious boot

Hi, i’ve opensuse 11.1, yesterday i shut down computer, every thing was fine, today i’m trying to boot and i cant, after grub(opensuse/windows xp) computer restarts, can some one help with this? Thanks

Ricardo Duarte

Please tell us a little more about your install if you can. Eg; How much space you have/had on your HD. Have you tried the SUSE failsafe boot?
How is the PC if you boot with a live CD

The information that caf4926 requests as needed, so the correct recommendation can be given.

A kernel update, or an xorg update, can impact one’s Linux boot partition, such that sometimes after the update, it won’t boot properly.

Typically this will happen if one is using a proprietary graphic driver, or if one has more than just Windows and a single Linux in one’s grub boot menu. (There may be aother cases).

Hence your answer to caf4926’s question may help us determine whether your graphics needs to be repaired, or your grub boot menu needs to be repaired.

Do you get any error messages? Do you get no error messages, but see a black screeen and get start up sound? Or just get a black screen? Do you see the hard drive light come on as if the operating system is booting, before the boot fails?

… that sort of information.

… as an aside, I once let an old PC get very dirty (such that the CPU fan stopped turning), and given it was so old, that before it could complete the startup, it shut it self down. … A serious cleaning was needed.

… on another occasion, I had a PC with a motherboard that went bad, and it would restart during the boot (and I had to replace the PC). On another occasion I had a power supply go, with a similar symptom. And on another occasion bad memory, with a similar symptom. All hardware.

Are you able to boot to another Operating System (such as windows) ? Or to the fail safe as caf4926 noted? Can you boot to a live CD ? Those sort of tests are useful to confirm this is not a hardware problem.

Hi,thank you all for your help.
1-no dust in the computer.
2-i installed suse a week ago and after instalation i did the updates.

yesterday after i read the 3 replys, i tryied to use the openSUSE dvd, and i used recover system, bla, bla, bla the worst happened after this recovery, i lost access to windows xp and opensuse…i had to install a 2nd hdd with xp to have access to the ntfs partition(of the 1st hdd) to do the backups…now i go uninstall the 2nd hdd…format the 1st hdd and install xp and opensuse, once again thanks for your help.Regards

Ricardo Duarte

Installing any OS is a major undertaking and needs careful planing. Remember most people don’t even get to install their copy of Windows, and if you have you may know it can be fraught with issues when it comes to drivers. Admittedly M$ make the process pretty much Homer proof.

It’s unlikely you needed to take the drastic steps you have, but you may not be aware of all the options to you.

Let us know where you are up to and we can try and guide you to a safer and more pleasurable Linux experience.:slight_smile:

It would be a lot easier to repair the bootloader to get back to the existing windows and Suse installations (easier that reinstalling the existing windows and Suse installations).

I used all the tools in the openSUSE 11.1 instalation dvd,after that all went wrong…now i’ve 2 OS’s XP/openSUSE working…again…Thnak you all

Excellent news;)