Mysql Workbench Wont Work

i’m trying to use MysqlWorkbench but i’m getting some errors: when I start the program i receive the message “Unsupported Operating System” and if I try to create a new connection the program crash and I receive the error :

 (mysql-workbench-bin:9878): glibmm-ERROR **: 15:46:24.205: 
unhandled exception (type std::exception) in signal handler:
what: error calling Python module function WbAdmin.autoDetectLocalInstance

What should I do ?

I installed the program with " zypper in mysql-workbench "

I only can run the program with root, otherwise I receive the message:

/usr/bin/mysql-workbench: line 28: ldconfig: command not found
Workbench can't find, some options may be unavailable.