Mysql workbench missing files?

I am trying to work with mysql workbench, but when testing connection always gives this message

Test connect failed
Database driver: Failed to open library ‘/usr/lib/mysql-workbench/’. Check settings.

I already installed mysql gui tools,and much more, but still no succes
Mysql workbench is from database repo, and server is xampp
Any solutions?

You probably updated MySQL too. I had these errors when i accidently upgraded MySQL from 5.0 to 5.1 from the database repos. Downgrading MySQL to 5.0 solved matters.

Hope this helps you.

BTW: no trouble like that in Factory

Yes, it seems that mysql on xampp is 5.1.33?Don’t know how to downgrade…
Can you tell me how to add that repo?

Hi! I found a hack for this problem. Install libmysqlcppconn1 package, and create a symlink to /usr/lib/mysql-workbenc/ from /usr/lib/