mysql+perl+gtk2::perl: special characters


I am writing a script in Perl (using Gtk2 and mySQL [OpenSUSE 11.1]) and I have a problem concerning special characters such as umlaute. I am using Gtk2-Entries to enter text which is then written into a mySQL-table. When entering text, every special character is displayed correctly and written into the table (which I controlled using mysql from the command line). But when I load the respective storage record from the table to be displayed once again in the above-mentioned Gtk2-Entry, the special character is not correctly displayed. I think this has to be a Gtk2-specific problem, as printing the text from the database on the console (using Perl) works just fine. I tried to “use utf8” and to “SET character_set_results/_client/_connection” to “latin1” or “utf8”, but this didn’t change anything (only the type of character displayed instead of the intended one changed).

Has anybody any idea how this problem could be solved?

Thanks in advance,