MySQL ODBC / JDBC and OOo Native

I’m having odd problems getting OOo to work with MySQL. First I couldn’t open any database, then, after installing some JDBC packages with Yast JDBC started working and I could access any database.

Then I read there was a native connector for OOo and downloaded it. I said it was for OOo 3.1 so I update using a OOo repo with Yast. The connector got installed but an error occurred with I read there was some problems with the OOo given by openSuSE and the native connector so I downloaded OOo from their site and upgrade. Problem persists (Unable to load the library) the lib is under /usr/lib64/ so I think OOo does not see it. Would a symplink help? If so, where?

Then I tried ODBC I got unixODBC installed with Yast and the ODBCConfig gui app. The GUI opens ok if I call it as root but it wont run if I call it as a normal user even using sudo. Any ideas?

Thank you for your time and help,