mysql-devel package for Suse 9.3

Hi all,

I am trying to upgrade to Bugzilla 3.2 on my Suse Linux 9.3 box.

This version requires MySQL::DBD > 4.0. In the process of this installation I found that the installer requires mysql-devel packages to be installed.

Can anybody give me an idea where I can get the mysql-devel package for Suse Linux 9.3?

I have looked around but only seem to find the 10.1 and above versions. Do you I need to compile the package from some source?


If it’s not here:
then I would not have any idea.

Maybe upgrade to 11.1 on 18Dec?

In 2005 Apress published a book Beginning SuSE Linux: from novice to professional which had a DVD of 9.3 enclosed. Perhaps someone still has a copy of the book and DVD which may have what you want…