MYSQL 5.6 - Unable to make an RPM install file using CMAKE.


I would like to build an rpm install file.
I have use this command :
But after compilling without any errors, I am not able to find any rpm file.
I just want to install mysql server in /opt/mysql

Any help is welcome

Thank you for helping


one question about that: Why do you want to create a RPM file for MySQL?
You can find all important installation files in the openSUSE Reopsitory. You can install them with YaST or zypper.

My guess is that you may have better luck getting responses on your
programming/scripting questions from the development forum:

Good luck.

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Because I want to install mysql in /opt/mysql so I must compile it.
Then I put the rpm file in my zypper local repos and install it.
I used to do this like this.

Did you use this Installation Guide for MySQL 5.6?