My USB ports don't work D:

This isn’t really a call for help, more or less I’m really curious why and don’t know myself.
Anyway, the usb ports on my laptop don’t work anymore. None of them and not even in bios config screen or anything. This isn’t a linux or an OS issue. I fairly certain my hardware is bust.
But then it’s not likely for all 5 usb ports to suddenly fail at the same time, more like the chip is burnt or something. And that’s where im curiois: is usb handled by its own chip and thats whats screwed? I thought usb is handled by the FSB, and if thats failing doesn’t it mean that I’ll begin to see intermittent problems?
My laptop is off right now, and TBH this is the first time I’ve given it a rest in many weeks, so maybe I’ve been running my laptop too hard and I need a new computer. :confused:

  1. Laptops have a fairly limited cooling scheme. You can damage the MBO (motherboard), CPU, Memory and the like from too much heat build-up. A cooling tray can aid if it must be left running for long periods. The battery life can be vastly shortened by running it forever on power too (remove the battery to prevent shortened life).
  2. The FSB is the highway to certain control chips. The USB consists of the hub and hub control logic, and the USB channel logic. If the channel logic fails a specific USB port will fail. If the hub and control fail all the USB’s will fail. If the FSB fails often you will loose USB, raiser Modem, NIC and WLan.

If the unit has overheated and not sustained permanent damage it may jump back into action after a nice long cool off period. If it has been moderately damaged it may work but intermitently, and if it has totally been damaged then a new one may be in order.

Thanks for your reply. I left it off all night, and when I tried my usb keyboard it worked, so I guess it probably was a heat issue.
My laptop runs fairly cool, but I understand that airflow and cooling is limited on it’s small form factor so the heat build up was probably from leaving it on for many weeks.
I guess I should start putting my laptop to sleep or turning it off when I’m not using it.

Or stick it, running, into your refrigerator. rotfl!