My Son is a legend

I was on my way to installing Windows 7 that came with a PC mag I was given this morining and my son sat down next to me and said
“Why are you installing Windows Dad?” (he is 6 years old)

I said:

“To try it out”

He said:

“That sucks I love Kubuntu, not windows”

So that was the end of that, Kubuntu is still on my other pc and W7 isn’t.

He is becoming quite the techno-geek (just like his old man), of course I dont let him on the web yet or install programs (because mainly he has no idea what he is looking at:)) but it is amazing how kids just so easily adapt to new or different technology.

Smart Kid :slight_smile:

I can totally understand him. Windows is boring!

I recently put Vista back in it’s original place on my laptop to carry out some experiments for some work I’m doing. It’s running really well actually, now I have runing just the essential apps. But Re: The comment ‘It’s Boring’ - How true!
I know you were on about W7, I have that in a VM and it’s winders, same as always.:yawn:

I really cant be bothered with all the bull that is associated with Windows. The amount of time involved in updates alone puts me off.

Well Mat. I have this feeling that you love your sibling to the heart. Actually you left Ubuntu for its sake rotfl!

I don’t blame you coz I would have done the same. Six years a good age. Does he have his own machine? He should have one with installed games (of course the educational end leisure ones).

It was actually My Son that introduced me to Linux way back in the late 90’s. His teacher of IT at school was pushing it as an alternative. It was really from v. 9.2 Professional that I had escaped the Windows monotony.

Funny thing is, he never took it up himself. Still being ruled by Evil Empire.

My kids, aged 17,12,6, grow up with (open)SUSE on their desktop. The eldest two regard Windows as something you play games on, like a WII of PSP. I’ve always found that they meet enough of Windows without being shown an alternative. They are used to having choice: one uses xmms, the other amarok etc. What amazes me again and again is that they can work on XP, Vista as if that’s what they are brought up with. It’s brought them some kind of openmindedness.

A legend eh? I guess we should name a distro release after him. :slight_smile:

Good idea but you may need to use the german equivalent to get it accepted in the “golden cage”. lol!

Yes he has his own machine…well he shares it with his Mum :slight_smile: He has a few games he plays, chess, battleships, chromium. He is a whizz at finding his way around and emailing, albeit a touch slow as he is still learning to spell. I am trying to let him find his own way. His latest fad is finding Michael Jackson videos on you tube. Yes I do love him, immensely, along with his younger brother.

A legend eh? I guess we should name a distro release after him.


Jacko videos eh? Last night I had an urge to seek out Weird Al Yankovic’s Eat It which was just as funny to me as it was over 20 years ago. Here it is:

Eat It | Weird Al Yankovic | Music Video | MTV

Also search for Like a Surgeon and Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch. lol!

It used to be incessant demands to listen to Iron Maiden, I s’pose Wacko is a bit more children friendly, music wise at least.