my screen becomes dim!

not sure it belongs in this section but when i boot it into opensuse…it just all of a sudden becomes dim on my laptop…i can still see but it sucks that i cant change the settings

i checked your laptop capatibility list but it doesnt have ASUS m50v series

so im guessing there is a setting that lets you manually change the brightness of the screen??

“To manually change brightness, hit fn+a to turn off ambient light
sensor, then fn+f5/fn+f6 to adjust brightness.”

but that may require a Windows™ driver, or maybe the owner’s
manual/documentation covers the subject–i didn’t download it and read
it for you…

or, who know, maybe ASUS provides a linux driver for the integrated
brightness sensor, or a way to turn it off in BIOS…

anyway, this is not an openSUSE problem as far as i can tell…i guess
google is your friend here… if the other hits in the above google on:

“ASUS m50v” linux screen

don’t get you to happiness maybe a piece of tape over the sensor
will…or, maybe a google on

“ASUS m50v” linux

will result in an enlightening moment…let us know…

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How dim? If you are using KDE4 the screen dims to warn of a low battery.