My SATA drives detected as RAID.

Hello all!
I’ve got strange problem that I didnt encounter with SUSE 10.0-10.3.
My hard drive partitions are seen as
and so on.
It’s pretty annoying to use these names. What can I do to make it use /dev/sda and /dev/sdb?

Include some more details mate. Where, when does it happen.

I think it happened during installation. I was doing a fresh install from i386 KDE DVD. I chose manual partitioning and there I saw these “strange” device names (see attachment). I found my way around and installed SUSE successfully. NOw all I want to do is to use “normal” device names.](

Don’t really know how to help right now. I know for sure disk store some information whether they are raid or not on the end of the disk and apparently installation disk sees them like that. Wait for someone who could actually help You. Sorry mate