My (sad) ATI Story - and a Question (any card, 3d, KDE)

I have an ASUS laptop with ATI X2300. When I bought it, it was openSUSE 11.0. And it worked OK.
Since I upgraded to 11.1, things started to go badly downward. 11.1 (for me) is a total mess (won’t go into details, just didnt work properly).

Because of ATI driver (which didnt work in 11.1 and any distro with kernel 2.6.28), I installed Mint 6.
It worked properly, but I still had trouble with Atheros and MADWIFI… then I decided to ignore ATI driver, use open without 3D, so I installed Mint 7 (KDE) which is an Excellent distro… I don’t like debian ways, but I managed to live with it till 11.2 comes out.

…and it finally did.

As I read, new driver is X2100 up… Others are in open radeon driver. Swell… even if 11.2 reckognized X2300 and 3D worked, devil just didn’t give me any peace, and I installed newest ATI driver.
…and screwed the system…
Since it was fresh install, who cares, reinstalled it in no time.
Actually for X2300, open radeonhd driver works OK. I don’t know about performance, but in all of that hassle I had, I just gave up 3D.

Now… problem on any card I had, with 3D is that SMPlayer, RealAudio or whatever I use, flickers while playing. Cure is to disable 3D acceleration.

Is there any way to make something (settings on global level, maybe) so that my video players don’t flicker when I am with 3D enabled?

Did you check out the output video mode in smplayer, to see if you can use a different setting. I’m not at a linux pc right now, but I recall that “xv” is a setting that often works well for some. Other users find a different setting works well.